Who We Are

Central State Financial LTD was founded by an established management team that had already functioned for a number of years in the financial services industries. We assembled like-minded wealth management specialists who saw a need for a different kind of asset management firm that utilized a client centric approach built around core values and behaviours. The result was a team of dedicated professionals that develop novel asset management strategies for institutional and individual investors.


In addition to our offerings and services, what truly sets us apart is our approach. By aligning the interests of our clients and our people, we are able to place the client’s interests above all others so each investor that relies on our services can be assured that with us, there is no self-interest, but only a shared interest.

What We Do

We deliver advice without prejudice and with the utmost integrity, and we always strive for excellence when it comes to our clients’ investments. To this end, we have a stringent internal compliance process that ensures our procedures are independently monitored and reviewed on a regular basis. Within that process we assign a senior asset management partner as the primary contact for each of our clients. That partner is responsible for leading a hand-picked team whose skills and experience best match the client’s wealth management goals. That team develops and manages a bespoke program of equity and fixed income investment assets pursuant to the highest standards of transparency and ethics.

Above all else, Central State Financial LTD serves a select group of international clients with a service philosophy that is guided by five principles:

Integrity with strict adherence to moral and ethical treatment of clients
Sincerity that promises clients an honest approach and complete freedom from deceit and dissembling
Teamwork that is marked by cooperation and coordination of multiple skill sets acting as one
Accountability with a promise that we take ownership of our advice and recommendations
Results-oriented consultation that delivers intelligent investment advice based on experience and research within the contours of a client’s risk tolerance and need for diversification


The strategic core of a large investment portfolio often comprises a mix of equity securities that cover different equity asset classes and industry sectors...


Debt is an integral part of many corporate business plans. Just as there is no generic approach to portfolio...


Central State Financial LTD offers an enhanced slate of investment advisory services for...


Since its inception, Central State Financial LTD has tailored its services specifically to respond to the wealth management needs of ultra high net worth...


Our services are centered on the fact that no single wealth management strategy is ideal for each individual client. To accommodate different client goals and strategies, we have formed a full slate of internal research and portfolio management strategies that enable us to deliver a range of investment programs along a continuum from specific alpha strategies to comprehensive investment programs with multiple coordinated strategies. Our internal expertise encompasses equity, fixed income, and multi-asset-class investment programs. For corporate clients, we have in-house expertise in corporate debt strategies. We also serve ultra high net worth individuals with private bank services and consultation on structuring and developing family offices.

Next, our wealth advisors, relying on our proprietary research processes, develop individual portfolio recommendations for each client from groups of equity, fixed income, and specialty investment assets. We consult closely with each client to verify that our recommendations track the client’s unique tolerance for risk, need for asset class diversification, and specific desires to use investment assets to serve greater personal or societal goals.

Then, following implementation of an investment plan, our advisors monitor portfolio performance and rebalance asset holdings and allocations. At all times, the research specialists assigned to a client’s team use our proprietary processes to draw hidden information from data and then apply their own personal analysis to that data. We strive to find opportunities that other asset managers might miss when they rely solely on computational machine-driven research. The end product is a portfolio that has an optimal balance of strategic and tactical assets and that is poised to take advantage of both short- and long-term opportunities that are consistent with the client’s overall wealth management goals.

Our Clients Trust and Rely on Us

Our values and philosophy have led thousands of individuals, institutions, corporations, and foundations to place their trust in us as professional wealth advisors. We help each of our clients to grow their personal and generational wealth, their businesses, and all aspects of their personal and professional financial lives.

Our clients rely on us because they know that we scrupulously guard and maintain our independence from the influences of the limited groups of funds that hold wealth advisors captive. Our wealth management teams pursue investment decisions solely as a function of the client’s unique philosophies and strategies and with no bias from commissions or incentive fees that influence other investment management firms.

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