Debt is an integral part of many corporate business plans. Just as there is no generic approach to portfolio development and management for individual investors, there is no single debt solution that will be appropriate for every corporate entity.

Our corporate debt service team analyzes the management, operations, finances, and expansion plans of a corporate client before considering debt as a means to accomplish any stated goals in a business plan. Although a need for debt might be drive by industry or economic cycles and market disruptions, a corporate entity will be better served if debt is factored into organic plans for growth and expansion. With that foundation, our corporate debt specialists develop alternatives that deliver results without imposing excess financial strains or restricting the entity’s future growth.

Central State Financial LTD corporate debt specialists have amassed decades of experience in providing corporate debt solutions and in sourcing that debt, both internally and in conjunction with partners or syndicates.  Our team’s collective experience gives our clients valuable insights into how other corporate borrowers have used debt in response to historic business and industry sector cycles, and specifically what has worked and what has failed to deliver results within those cycles. Our institutional knowledge and success in delivering novel corporate debt solutions has elevated Central State Financial LTD to the premier level of corporate debt service and solution providers.

Our debt solutions rely on the same proprietary research protocols and technology platforms that we use to identify investment assets for our clients’ portfolios. Those platforms uncover both public and private debt solutions that we implement either as a sole source or as a lead or participating member of a debt syndication with our network of private lenders and closely-held hedge or investment funds. We use this network of funding sources to help our clients save time and money, and to reduce the transactional risks that are inherent in bridge financing.

At all times, if our advisors do not see the near- and long term benefits of a debt solution for a corporate client, we will advise the client to choose non-debt strategies to fund operations or corporate growth.

Corporate Debt Services: A Purpose-Driven Approach

Corporate entities use debt for a variety of purposes:

  • general operations and growth
  • financing for special projects or profit centers
  • leveraged buyouts by management or shareholders
  • restructuring current debt, or total or partial recapitalizations
  • creating and funding employee stock option plans
  • capital for targeted acquisitions
  • bridge financing in anticipation of a near-term funding event

Regardless of the purpose, our corporate debt specialists will originate, negotiate terms and conditions, and structure debt in relation to other borrowing in ways that best serve the purposes defined by corporate management.

We begin engagements for our corporate debt services with a thorough understanding of the purpose of the proposed debt. Our analysts review the corporation’s existing business model and plans for future growth to understand how the debt serves the corporation’s needs.  We then structure the debt such that those needs are most efficiently and effectively met and that any resulting debt service will not overwhelm the corporation’s finances.

We have implemented this process for corporate clients in multiple international jurisdictions and with debt sources that come from both the corporation’s own region and from cross-border sources. Central State Financial LTD has formed affiliations with many of the world’s leading investment, commercial, and merchant banks that have deep access into private and public funding sources, including venture capital funds, hedge, funds, and private equity funds, and we use those sources on an as-needed basis to supplement our own debt origination.  Central State Financial LTD also utilizes its international standing and its relationships with other finance entities to structure and place private and public debt facilities.   


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