Public and Private Debt Placements

In addition to sourcing and structuring corporate debt facilities, Central State Financial LTD has established itself as a premier international leader in public and private debt placements.

We have developed a proprietary technology platform to support the placement of public and private debt in international markets with private funds, family offices, insurance companies, foundations, sovereign funds, and other investors seeking special opportunities under more limited circumstances.


Laws and regulations for debt placements in public markets vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. We use our international affiliations to support clients that might benefit from public placements of their debt instruments. Those affiliations also extend to private placements among a select group of investors that are looking for unique opportunities.

Central State Financial LTD clients benefit from our independence and our unbiased and objective advice when they look to enter the public or private debt placement market. Central State Financial LTD was formed as an independent entity to insulate itself from broader ownership that might influence decisions. We appreciate a client’s needs and desires to limit public participation when those clients would prefer private participation in their debt financing. We use our standing among insurance companies, investment and merchant banks, and other institutions that represent high net worth investors to give our clients the best opportunities to complete placements of the debt instruments.

Our independence further benefits our clients when it guides our consulting services to deliver multiple debt financing and debt placement alternatives. We are not captive to any financing sources or mechanisms, and at all times our clients are assured that we are providing the most appropriate public and private debt placement advice that focuses on the client’s requirements ahead of all other considerations. 

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