Credit Lines

Traditional lines of credit are still a mainstay of corporate debt.

If a credit line is the best financing alternative for a corporate client, Central State Financial LTD will structure a revolving or non-revolving line of credit that the corporation can then use to smooth cash flow, reduce aged receivables, purchase new assets, or finance other special corporate purposes. Our global presence gives us rapid access to funding sources that can finance credit lines quickly and with a minimum of paperwork and administrative delay.


As with our other corporate debt offerings, our advisors help our clients to determine whether they would be best served with a revolving credit line, in which case we assist the client to negotiate the best terms and conditions to minimize annual fees and maintenance costs that revolving credit lines will carry. Alternately, if a non-revolving line better suits the client’s purposes, we help to structure that line with lower interest payments and debt loads that might adversely affect the corporate entity.

The Central State Financial LTD Approach to Credit Lines

Corporate entities that are seeking funds for operational purposes are better suited for credit lines than entities that are looking to finance a strategic corporate decision, such as an acquisition or an employee stock plan. Our advisors consider several factors in determining whether a credit line is the best financing:


  • does the client need to smooth out cash flow or are there other mechanisms to manage finances through sector and market cycles that lead to short-term cash shortages
  • will a credit line create other opportunities, g. execution of supply agreements with more favorable pricing from vendors and suppliers
  • will a credit line be a precursor to a larger financing or credit event
  • is management capable of controlling uses of funds from lines of credit, and should the line be structured to facilitate multiple draws or one single tranche of funding


In most situations, our clients have utilized lines of credit as a temporary financing mechanism that precedes a more strategic financing event. Where a corporation does not have a long history or is still in a startup phase, credit lines may be its only viable financing alternative. 

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