Strategic Income Asset Management Services

Central State Financial LTD strategic income consultants utilize the firm’s research and analytical capabilities to formulate hybrid wealth management plans that combine equities and fixed income instruments under the umbrella of a single actively-managed investment account.

Our advisors apply dynamic management to the assets held in that account to maintain the optimum combination of equities and fixed income products that serve the client’s short- and long-term goals. Accounts are regularly rebalanced with full transparency to the client.


Clients that rely on our strategic income asset management services typically hold a combination of large, mid, and small capitalization equities, preferred stocks, both private and public debt instruments that may include conversion features, commercial real estate and REIT interests, and both ETFs and mutual funds. All accounts are measured against defined benchmarks to verify performance and to limit risk through diversification.

Our professional wealth managers consult directly with clients to develop guidelines for selection of account assets and relative ratios of debt and equity instruments. Most accounts do not overload either category, and include either a solid cash component or built-in mechanisms to allow the client to realize immediate liquidity on an as-needed basis.

Apart from these guidelines, Central State Financial LTD wealth managers base asset allocation and selection decisions on our internal models of industry, market, and economic conditions, announcements from central banks, political and governance events, interest rate influences, government reports on unemployment and other economic indicators, and technical analysis of price movements. No decisions are made by one individual in a vacuum, but all options are reviewed by a team of managers and research specialists to verify selections and opportunities.  Our managers also remain cognizant of tax impacts and, where appropriate, adopt guidelines that drive decisions based on tax advantaged or tax efficient investment products.

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