Risk Management

Significant wealth inevitably increases an investor’s exposure to liability risks.

Central State Financial LTD develops risk management systems to protect an investor’s assets from liability claims and to implement insurance that shields against potentially ruinous losses. Our risk management methodologies might include multi-tired corporate entities to hold significant assets such as real estate and blanket liability insurance coverage. To reduce investment risk, we constantly monitor investor portfolios to verify that asset allocations cove a broad range of risk exposures in all domestic and international markets.


Our wealth advisors also monitor regulatory risk that can attach to complex transactions in securities or to investment methodologies that are designed to reduce tax liabilities. The total risk management mechanisms that we recommend will coordinate insurance coverage, entity defenses, and other strategies to prevent assets from being attached through judgments in every conceivable jurisdiction.  UHNW investors also face a heightened risk of legal liability from regulators, parties claiming injuries, and other potential plaintiffs.

The wealth management plans that we recommend invariably include diversification goals to verify that an investor’s assets are spread among a broad array of industry sectors, asset classes, and developed and emerging markets. Our portfolio monitors work to maintain that diversity as assets change in value and markets and economic conditions react to world events.


Last, our advisors are keenly aware that a significant illness or health event can quickly consume even the largest portfolios. We help to select and manage health insurance and long-term care insurance policies that provide the best services that may be available. We also help investors to prepare necessary documentation for their health care wishes, including durable powers of attorney and end-of-life care plans.

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