Since its inception, Central State Financial LTD has tailored its services specifically to respond to the wealth management needs of ultra high net worth (UHNW) individuals and their families. Our advisors have the same passion and drive for excellence that forms the foundation of the generational family wealth. We apply the same rigorous standards to our services for UHNW individuals as those persons establish for themselves and their families.


An individual that has amassed significant wealth will derive greater benefits from a wealth management firm that understands the challenges of managing and administering that wealth among a close-knit group of family members and associates. We craft unique wealth management plans that not only maintain and grow individual wealth, but that also address a UHNW clients’ desires for philanthropy, generational education, and family succession. Our goal is to give our UHNW clients the strongest assurances possible that their wealth will be protected and that their hard-earned efforts and successes will not be dissipated over succeeding generations.

The Central State Financial LTD Approach to UHNW Financial Management Services

Central State Financial LTD philosophy of service to UHNW individuals is based on a common core of principles.

  • First, we devote as much time as is necessary to comprehend the client’s background, financial circumstances, tolerance for risk, and goals for maintenance and management of acquired wealth. We discuss the client’s interests, motivations, and desires to leave a legacy and to provide for succeeding generations. We do not even begin to develop a wealth management plan until we are satisfied that we understand the client, and then the plan is based entirely on the client’s unique situation and circumstances.

  • We consider each UHNW client relationship as a true partnership that that imposes moral and ethical obligations on our wealth advisors to act at all times with the client’s interests at the forefront. Our partnerships are enhanced by services that we are able to offer through our international network of affiliates and consultants in every major global financial center. Through this partnership, we strive to translate the client’s goals into an objective reality that will serves the client and his or her family through several generations.   

  • Central State Financial LTD assigns a dedicated wealth manager to oversee all services for a UHNW client. That manager is responsible for the coordination of the efforts of our research specialists, analysts, and portfolio managers that interface with the client’s portfolio. We attract and retain the highest quality staff that has an aggregate of decades of experience in serving the needs of UHNW individuals.  All of our staff members are dedicated to providing services that are second to none.

  • Our advisors are never content to offer age old or traditional services, but are always seeking innovations and improvements that can better serve our UHNW clients. We understand that many individuals develop substantial wealth through their ability to innovate and we adopt a similar entrepreneurial attitude toward our own services. Within that construct, we will never innovate solely for the sake of innovation, but will form and adopt new strategies and mechanisms only if they serve the best interests of our UHNW clients.

  • Generational wealth deserves a perspective that looks toward several decades of growth and that endures in the face of all possible challenges. Our advisors develop wealth management plans that have the durability to serve multiple family generations with the flexibility that is often required to deflect difficulties and to make the most of every opportunity that might arise.

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