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The investments that UHNW individuals pursue are often different from those that are in more traditional investment portfolios.

UHNW investors have excess wealth that can be allocated to high risk-high reward ventures. With the right analysis and guidance, those investors can select the optimal blend of debt and equity instruments that maintain a core of the UHNW investor’s wealth while adding  substantial additional value to that core with unique opportunities.


Central State Financial LTD UHNW investment advisors have devised an innovative approach to the formation and management of a UHNW portfolio. We unite a top-down approach that incorporates the investor’s wealth management plan and general market conditions with a bottom-up in-depth fundamental analysis of each investment alternative that might be considered for inclusion in the investor’s portfolio. This process produces a tailored portfolio structure that reflects each investor’s unique plan. 

Consistent with our partnership approach to our services for UHNW clients, the client’s team leader consults closely with the client to make final asset allocation decisions. We then monitor performance and continue to apply our proprietary analytical methodologies to the client’s assets, which then fosters advice on rebalancing portfolios to maintain yield and growth targets. While this approach is data driven, all final decisions are made with direct hands-on analysis that verifies the objectivity of conclusions with no emotional overreactions.

In every client engagement, the UHNW team leader fulfills the role of a chief investment officer for the client. All of our wealth managers who assume that role have years or decades of experience in the international financial markets and are well versed in managing risk and achieving the results that large concentrations of wealth can require. In times of unanticipated downturns, our wealth managers also work tirelessly to sustain a client’s financial position with little or no erosion in overall value.

Integrating UHNW and Family Office Services

Over the past twenty years, UHNW investors have adopted family office management structures to monitor and grow generational wealth. Successful and lasting family legacies are created over a period of years. Central State Financial LTD wealth management team assists UHNW clients to form the optimal family office mechanisms that utilize defined systems for the benefit of all family members across several generations. Each family office has its foundation in the UHNW client’s wealth management goals and strategies. The structure then builds on that foundation to serve the needs and desires of key family members. Management of generational wealth thus revolves around the common values and family identity that the family patriarch or matriarch has established.

Central State Financial LTD UHNW wealth advisors have extensive experience in family office solutions that are strong enough to deliver tangible results years after year, but also flexible enough to absorb the external adverse impacts of political and economic upheavals. We develop systems to monitor and resolve inter-family conflicts and structures to facilitate conversations among successive generations of family leaders. When a plan is properly implemented, family generational wealth continues to grow and bonds among family members get stronger, both as to business and personal matters.

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