The strategic core of a large investment portfolio often comprises a mix of equity securities that cover different equity asset classes and industry sectors. Investment advisors serve their clients’ interests by conducting in-depth research to identify the equities that most closely match the client’s investment and risk profile and then recommending allocations among different equity securities.

Central State Financial LTD analyzed the research methodologies that other institutional investment advisors use and perceived that each firm adopted one universal research methodology across a spectrum or research mechanisms that it then applied to all equity types and classes. At one end of that spectrum, a firm might utilize data driven research with proprietary econometric tools that reduced equity selection to stripped-down data insights. At the other end, firms downplay the role of data analysis and emphasize more traditional sector analysis with more human input.

Rather than joining the crowd and following the path of a single research mechanism, Central State Financial LTD pioneered a different approach that applies different research strategies, analytical methods, and methodologies to different equity classes, including large capitalization equities, small and mid-cap equities, and international equity assets. Our experience and the successes that our clients have realized are evidence of the strength of this approach.

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